Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse of CT, Inc


Vehicle Donation Program

KIDSAFE CT has a vehicle donation program designed to generate revenue for child abuse prevention efforts. Unwanted vehicles can be donated with the profit of the sale or auction price going to KIDSAFE CT. The donated vehicle is a charitable contribution and eligible as a tax deduction for the donor.

The donation of unwanted vehicles to charitable organizations is a relatively new approach to fundraising for non-profits. It has the advantage of being very easy to operate and offers incentives to donors to make a contribution while at the same time eliminating the hassle of getting rid of an unwanted vehicle or boat.

If you are interested in donating a vehicle (car, RV, motorcycle, boat, truck), call KIDSAFE at (860) 872-1918, or BUNDY MOTORS at (860) 872-7800 and we can make arrangements regarding the vehicle.