Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse of CT, Inc

Private: Fee For Service


Counseling for Families, Individuals, Youth, Adult, Couples and Divorce Mediation, and Parent Coaching

Our services are provided at KIDSAFE CT or in the home.  Our mission is to help you and your family succeed. Our goal is to assess then create a plan that offers solutions for ultimate success. We will provide appropriate assessment, consultation, direction, simple solutions and access to information and services in order for the individual or family to make progress and address the issues. Essentially, people deal with so many different challenges and face so many issues today that at times, we all may need a little help figuring things out.

We work with blended or foster care family challenges, aging parent care issues, adjustments at school for children, self-esteem issues for children or adults, youth and adult anger, substance abuse, parenting issues, marriage or divorce related problems, communications issues at all levels and across generations.

Some insurances are accepted for counseling at KIDSAFE CT. Please contact our office to determine if you accept your insurance.