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Conflict Resolution

What is conflict resolution?
Conflict resolution is the process of deescalating (defusing) antagonism and reaching a mutual settlement between the two individuals (or groups) that are in conflict.

“Conflict” from the latin root “to strike together” can be defined as any situation where incompatible activities, feelings, or intentions occur together. (

Conflict can occur between a single person, multiple individuals, or large groups. Sometimes the parties involved do not even know each other. Conflict can be shown through unexpressed means such as avoidance and denial. It can also be expressed through words (threats, insults, accusations, etc.). The conflict can also be shown through physical violence between the individuals involved (or through their property).

There are multiple ways to address conflict or to educate to aid in its prevention. The successful end result of any conflict resolution scenario is very dependant on the actions, attitudes, and skills of everyone involved, even the trained mediator.

At KIDAFE CT, we provide conflict resolution education to aid in your organization and local schools. For more information on how one of our trained staff members can assist you, please contact Paula Plante.