Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse of CT, Inc

Youth Programs & Outreach


Vernon Center Middle School

The Coordinator has been mentoring youth center attendees on site at Vernon Center Middle School for over 4 years. The Coordinator works closely with middle school staff and provides an outlet for the youth as well as teaching them conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

Youth Program staff in coordination with staff from both the Vernon Center Middle School and Rockville High School facilitates groups for 8th grade students with the goal being to minimize the number of school based arrests (in the high school). These groups will help with the student’s transition into the high school by teaching them the following skills:

  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Respecting Yourself and Others
  • Anger Management

The Juvenile Review Board

The Youth Program Coordinator assisted with the planning and launching of this community based program designed to act as an advisory board to assist the Vernon Police Department and the Vernon Public Schools in the disposition of specific cases involving police/juvenile contact or school/juvenile contact. The JRB makes recommendations to assist individual youths to avoid repeated patterns of behavior. It is used as an alternative to arrest when appropriate.

The Vernon Community Plan for Children and Youth

The Coordinator was one of more than 20 individuals chosen from local service providers, youth-service volunteers, educators, law enforcement, parents, policymakers, and representatives from the faith community to develop and implement a community plan to achieve the following result: All Vernon children birth to 18 are safe, healthy and productive. The planning process began in 2008; the completed planning document was introduced to the community in 2011.

The Drug and Alcohol Prevention Council

The Coordinator has been involved in the Vernon Drug and Alcohol Prevention Council for over 4 years. The Council works with ERASE to raise awareness about substance use and its impact on the community, families, older adults, and youth development. They plan and implement educational sessions or local media campaigns for various groups in the community. In addition they look to address local policies that can contribute to an environment permissive of risky behaviors.